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Shortly after ending Girly in 201whatever I posted an idea on my Tumblr about two princesses on a quest to rescue each other, and it got such a huge response, including fanart from several cool artists like Natasha Allegri and IanJQ. I decided I had to start a video game project with it. Then stuff happened. And I decided to just begin the story in comic form about 10 years later, and at that point no one really cared anymore.

Such is life!

This is still some of my best work and everyone should check it out. I wouldn't hold my breath on it continuing, but stranger things have happened. Remember when Pee Wee made a new movie? It wasn't as good as his first one of course, but it had its charm. No one seems to remember it happened though, much like with Princess Panic. Such is life!

C'est la vie!


These downloads include Chapters 1 and 2 of Princess Panic.

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I FOUND IT!!!!!!!! I've been trying to google updates on this game every few years since your tumblr post, but I couldn't remember the name of it! I just remembered Princess P___ and that the leading ladies were Princess A and Princess B, but sadly googling that never turned up any results. Sorry to hear the big interest has faded but maybe there are still people out there like me who would have supported it but lost track of it without tumblr!