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Hi, it's 2003. I'm a frustrated kid in their mid-twenties who is frustrated with things and has trouble with relationships for reasons that are unclear. I think I'll start a comic about myself... Did I say myself? I mean, a girl. A despondent girl who is frustrated with people and sad all the time and is totally not me, a boy. She sure does dress up in outfits that look like they'd be fun to wear. Did I say "fun to wear"? I mean, they're hot and stuff. Anyway. Let's make this story about how a cute lesbian walks into her life and gives her a lot of love and adventure and stuff. Totally a cute story without any wish-fulfillment. And... say, I sure have been drawing a lot of stories about queer people lately. Well, I'm sure there's no deeper meaning behind that. Let's continue living as a straight guy for 20 years.

This is the entire comic in two collections. This is version 1.1 or something, so my deadname has been edited out and some of the more questionable jokes have been replaced with new ones. It also includes changes made since the collection was published, and most of that involved changes to that bodyswap story to make it slightly more sensical.

CBZ format. Read in your favorite comic reader, or rename the extension to ZIP and decompress if you just want the files.

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O MY GOD I'M SO HAPPY this comic turned me gay


I just went looking for this comic to reread it, and when I saw the original site seems to be gone, my first thought was "aw man, it's probably still up somewhere but I wish I could just buy a copy to be sure I wouldn't lose it." So this is perfect! This comic is so funny (the final payoff for the subplot with Chupacabra's brothers killed me) and the serious dramatic beats with the main relationship are really sweet. Thanks for keeping it available!  


I was looking through my old bookmarks and found your comics again. Congrats on being trans!

thank u!


I'm so glad to have this, thank you. This totally captivated me back in like 2009.


i loved girly and read it all throughout being a teenager... and im trans now too 💖 

also took me too long haaah


One of my all time favorite comics growing up! The art style is super unique and you can really see the author grow with each page and has an AMAZING sense of humor and great story telling with Lady Leads. It left such an impact on me and I believe it'll leave an impact on anyone reads it.